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2D Floor Plan

A floor plan is a type of drawing that shows you the layout of a home including the walls and rooms with dimensions.

3D Elevation

Elevation shows the exterior finished appearance of your house in 3D, designed accordingly to your floor plan.


Detailed Drawing for Plinth Beam layouts, Footings, Columns, Beam, Slab shuttering and reinforcements.




President, Sunvik, Meenakshi, Kamdhenu or equivalent TMT Bars or equivalent brands.

From 8 MM to 25 MM as per structural design and requirements.


Priya, Dalmia, Coromandel, Zuari or equivalent cement Brands.

PPC Cement are used for Masonry works, 53 Grade are used for Concrete Works


Standard Concrete Blocks are used.

6-inch blocks for External walls and 4-inch blocks for internal walls


M-Sand & 20mm and 40mm Aggregates for all types of construction.


RCC Ready Mix Concrete as per structural recommendations and ISI Standard.


Dr.Fixit Water proofing solution are used to protect your house.

  • Ceiling Height - 10 feet (Finished Floor level to Finished Floor level)
  • The foundation will be as per the structural drawings. 5 feet deep foundation will be provided. Additional foundation may be required depending on the quality of soil discovered at the time of excavation. Chargeable beyond 5 feet.
  • Solid concrete blocks shall be used for outer and partition walls as defined in specification.
  • PCC of 100mm thickness shall be provided below ground floor flooring.
  • Height of finished floor level in the ground floor shall be up to 1.5 feet above the existing ground level.
  • Internal Plastering(1:5 cement mortar), external plastering (1:5 cement mortar) and ceiling plastering (1:4 cement mortar) shall be done. The thickness of plaster shall be 12mm applied in 2 coats.
  • Chicken mesh shall be used near beam, column and masonry wall junction.
  • Water proofing compound of Fosroc/ equivalent brand shall be used in the internal and external plastering.
  • Curing compound of Sika Antisol or equivalent brand shall be used in the internal and external plastering.
  • Water proofing shall be done in the terrace slab, all washrooms and balconies using Fosroc Brushbond or equivalent brands.
  • Water proofing admixture of Fosroc or equivalent brand shall be used in internal plaster, external plaster and mortar mix used in fixing washroom tiles




Indian Or African Teak door along with teak frame of 5 inch by 3 inch, worth upto Rs.20000 including fixtures. Main door Thickness around 38mm


Membrane doors / Flush Door with Laminates upto Rs.8000 including fixtures. Door Frames of Sal Wood 4inchx2.5inch


Aluminium Windows with glass shutters and mesh shutters (3 track with 1 mesh)

  • Washroom doors shall be flush doors and waterproof worth Rs. 6000 including frames and fixtures.
  • Windows shall be Aluminium type worth Rs. 250 per sqft including the frames and fixtures.
  • Main Door - The thickness of main door shall be 38mm. Premium quality locks worth Rs 2000 of Europa/Godrej brand shall be used. The door shall be provided with 2 numbers of brass tower bolt and 3 number of brass hinges.
  • The thickness of internal door shall be 38mm. Each door shall be provided with 1 number of aluminum / MS tower bolts, 3 numbers of MS hinges.
  • Wall mounted magnetic door stopper should be provided for main door and room doors.
  • Grill work for window shall be MS grill with maximum 125mm spacing and 10mm thick rod.
  • The timber used for windows or doors shall be well seasoned and free from knots, warps, sap, cracks and other defects. All joints should be strong, accurately fitted and glued. All sal wood works is provided with two coats of paint.
  • Main door size shall be 3 ft 6 inch x 7 ft, Room doors shall be 3ft x 7ft and bathroom doors shall be 2 ft 6inches x 7feet
  • Main door frame shall be 0 ft 3inches x 0ft 5inches, Room and bathroom frame size shall be 0 ft 2.5inches x 0 ft 4inches
  • Window Chajja is provided as part of the package – Upto 1 feet outward projection and 6 inch extra on each side of window.
  • The total area of opening for windows and ventilators including frames in the package is 10% of the package built up area.




Kitchen Granite Countertop Upto Rs.120 per Sqft


Ceramic Wall Tiles - 2 feet above kitchen slab - Upto Rs.40 per Sqft


Stainless Steel Single Kitchen Sink worth Rs.3000


Main Sink Faucet - Jaquar / Parryware / Hindware or Equivalent Upto Rs.1300


Any Other Faucet & Accessories - ISI Marked

  • Kitchen countertop shall be granite of thickness (18-38mm thickness) 2 feet wide uptoRs. 140 per sqft..
  • Provision shall be made for water purification inlet near kitchen sink.
  • Utility area shall be provided with a water inlet and outlet. Taps shall be provided for kitchen and utility area.
  • Provision shall be made for washing machine inlet and outlet for utility / dry balcony.
  • Provision for exhaust fan shall be provided if required
  • One kitchen is included in the package per 1000 sqft of package built-up area. Additional kitchens shall be charged on pro-rata basis




Bathroom Ceramic Wall Tiles with 7 feet height - Upto Rs. 50 per Sqft


Waterproof flush doors


CPVC Pipe - Astral or equivalent


EWC, Health Faucet, Wash Basin with accessories, 2 in 1 wall mixer, Overhead Shower.


Sanitary ware & CP Fittings -Jaquar, Hindware, Parryware Upto Rs. 40000 per 1000 sqft of construction

  • Value of CP Fittings and Sanitary ware upto = 40 x 2620.0 = Rs 104800.0
  • One washroom is included in the package per 500 sqft of package built-up area. Additional washrooms shall be charged on pro-rata basis.
  • Sewer line connection to the main drain line is included in the package up to 10 feet from the building.
  • Provision for exhaust fan shall be provided if desired.
  • At least two nos. of 6" rainwater discharge pipes shall be provided per 1000 sqft of plot area and pro rata thereafter.
  • Gratings shall be sealed with polymeric cement grout of Roff/ Weber/ equivalent brands.
  • External pipes shall be fixed on raised clamps.
  • Spacer joints shall be provided in the floor tiles and the wall dados. Filling shall be of polymeric cement grout of Roff/ Weber/ equivalent brands.




JK Putty + Tractor Emulsion or equivalent


Asian Primer + Ace Exterior Emulsion Paint or equivalent.

  • For internal walls and ceiling, wall putty shall be provided in 2 coats.
  • External walls shall be painted with one coat of primer and two coats of paint.
  • Enamel paint shall be provided for all the MS grill works. All MS steel painting shall be provided with a anti corrosion coat before painting.




Branded Vitrified Tiles of value upto Rs.70 per sqft


Branded Vitrified Tiles upto Rs.60 per sqft


Sadarahalli Granite of value upto ₹ 70 per sqft


Anti-skid branded tiles of value upto Rs. 50 per sqft


Anti-skid tiles of value upto ₹50 per sqft

  • Ceramic tiles for walls: Tiles shall be free from cracks, spots, grazes, chipped edges and corners. Variation in size shall be limited to +/- 1.5 mm. Thickness shall be as specified, but in no case shall they be less than 6 mm. 
  • Wall tiles shall be fixed with tile adhesive. Joints shall be cleaned thoroughly and grouted with site made grout.
  • Only if granite is used - Granite used shall be as approved by the engineer and shall be hard, sound, free from cracks, cavities, holes, patches of injurious veins, weathered portions, flaws, etc. Granite used should have a minimum thickness of 19 mm.
  • Skirting shall be of tiles / granite. The height of skirting shall not be less than 75mm.
  • Flooring/dado/skirting must to level/to plumb.
  • Labour charges for laying of tiles shall be extra if tile of size greater than 2ft by 2ft are used.
  • Labour charges for cutting, laying, polishing, nosing, chamfering of granite shall be extra.
  • Plinth protection upto two feet wide is included in the package.
  • Grouting for tiles in the Balconies, terrace (if opted) shall be done with polymeric cement grout of Roff / Weber or equivalent brands.




Fireproof wires by Finolex


Anchor Roma Switches & Sockets

MCB Board

Anchor, Finolex or equivalent MCB Board

  • Rooms shall be provided with 3 numbers of light point, 1 number of fan point, 4 numbers of plug points near bedside table & tv and study/dressing & air condition.
  • Bathroom shall be provided with 2 numbers of light point, 1 number of geyser point, 1 number of plug point near sink.
  • Kitchen shall be provided with 2 numbers of light point, 5 numbers of plug points for refrigerator, mixer, oven, water purifier and platform.
  • Living/Dining/Family hall each shall be provide with 1 or 2 number of fan point, 4 number of light points, 4 number of plug points.
  • Corridor / passage / portico / parking / utility / terrace / stairs / balcony / space around house / any other built up area shall be provided with light point and plug points at suitable locations per 1000 sqft, 5 nos
  • 2-way switches may be provided if required for room / living / stairs per bed room 1 nos
  • Provision for television cable connection shall be provided.
  • Each house shall be provided with 1 number of calling bell.
  • Earthing pit for one dwelling capacity shall be provided per 1000 sqft of package built-up area.
  • Wiring for UPS is not part of the package


    • Overhead Tank - Sintex Double Layered 1500 litres
    • Underground Sump - 6000 litres
    • Staircase Railing - MS Railing
    • Window Grills - Basic MS Grills with Enamel Paint at Rs.110 per sqft
    • Our construction work comes with one-year warranty. One-year warranty is included as part of this quotation.
    • Underground sump shall be provided with block masonry. PCC bed concrete of minimum 125mm thickness shall be provided at the bottom. The inside of the wall shall be provided with chicken mesh plastering. MS cover plate of dimension 600 mm x 600 mm shall be provided. Water Proofing chemical be applied to mortar for plastering.
    • Parapet wall shall be provided with height of 3 feet and 150mm thick. Buttress shall be provided at every 3 m (10 feet) of length.
    • Rain water harvesting will be provided as per BBMP norms at nominal cost.(Not Part of the Package)
    • Weather proof course shall be provided at terrace with one coat of waterproofing agent of Dr. Fixit brand or equivalent.
    • Compound wall (Not included in package) if provided - shall be of cement block masonry with 1.5 m (5 feet) height from the ground level and 115 mm in thickness. Buttress/columns shall be provided for every 3 m (10 feet) length of the compound. Expansion joints may be provided wherever necessary. The compound wall shall be constructed on size stone masonry foundation of minimum width 450mm (1.5 feet) and minimum depth 600mm (2 feet). The foundation shall be laid on compacted hard soil. Bed concrete of minimum thickness 80mm shall be provided below the foundation. Compound wall shall be plastered and painted as per the plastering and painting specifications.
    • Main gate (Not included in package) and main gate post used shall be of mild steel of approved design with dimension. Each gate shall be provided with minimum two numbers of hinges, one number of top latch and one number of bottom latch.
    • All our rates our Inclusive of GST. We don't charge GST extra.
    • Staircase Railing of Mild Steel shall be provided worth Rs. 130 per sqft for material, painting, welding, fixing and finishing. (MS Railing)
    • Front elevation of the building shall include basic plastering and external painting with no cladding/ grooves/ cuts/ projections or any other pure aesthetic elements.
    • Platform for overhead tank is not included in the standard package and shall be charged based on the area and materials selected.
    Individual foundation is considered. For foundations beyond five feet depth, extra cost of Rs. 35,000 shall be incurred per one feet of increase in depth, for a 30 ft by 40 ft plot and pro rata thereafter.
    In case of rocky terrains, excavation costs shall be charged extra for foundation, sump, soak pit and other excavation items at Rs. 35 per cubic feet over and above the normal excavation costs.
    For raising Finished Floor Level in ground floor beyond 1.5 feet from the existing ground level, extra cost of approximately Rs. 40,000 shall be incurred per feet of rise for a 30 ft by 40 ft plot and pro rata thereafter.

    Any item which is not mentioned in the specification is an exclusion.

    Customization Costs

    • Additional cost of laying granite is Rs 18 per sq.ft extra. If buffing or chamfering/nosing is encountered charges will be Rs 30 per r.ft.
    • Additional cost of laying Indian marble laying is Rs 25 per sq.ft extra.
    • Italian Marble chemical treatment cost at Rs 20 per sq.ft (Excluding laying cost)
    • Lofts inside rooms and kitchen are not part of standard package, it is provided at Rs 280/sqft.
    • Additional capacity for blockwork underground sump is Rs 9/L
    • In case of external staircase, headroom is not part of the standard package. Headroom is chargeable at par with package built-up area
    • Additional capacity for overhead tank at Rs 7 per L
    • Additional capacity for RCC underground sump at Rs 16/L.
    • Blockwork septic tank cost is Rs 13/L and concrete septic tank cost is Rs 18/L.
    • External Drain cover (100mm) cost Rs 300 per sq.ft using Natural Stone.
    • SSM below plinth is not part of package


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